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The Sixty Mile Publishing Company (60 Mile) is an independent B2B digital content publisher. Helping businesses 'green' themselves is our core purpose.

In 2008, we launched GreenWise, a business-to-business, community-focused online independent publisher, offering a range of services, including daily news, weekly e-newsletters, authoritative guides, practical tips and expert blogging.

In 2012, we launched Wise Up Media, a content marketing agency helping businesses and organisations build their brands in the fast-growing green economy.

We believe that sustainability is critical to business success and that we have a significant role to play in helping businesses move to a green economy. We therefore seek to ensure our own activities have a minimum impact on the environment and that we are open and transparent in all that we do.



The team

Editorial director – Louise Bateman

Creative director – Mark Fewell

Interactive marketing director – Stephen Bateman





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